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Trying out new tastes is an inevitable part of every trip. Amsterdam is also a place that offers wide varieties of tastes. Trying out the local and traditional food items is the best way to fully understand a place. There are some specific dishes in Amsterdam that are a specialty of that place. You should definitely try them to get a complete experience of your Amsterdam tours.

Joining an Amsterdam food tour to explore different tastes of Amsterdam is a great way to enjoy your Amsterdam trip. Following are some of the local dishes of Amsterdam that you should definitely try.


This is one of the local food items in Amsterdam that you should try. Trying out raw herring fish is an adventurous task too. There are numerous herring booths throughout Amsterdam which sells the herring fish. The specialty of Dutch herring is that it is sold raw, but it will be fully frozen to ensure the safety and will be semi-cured in salt and kept in oak for a few days. The bones will also be removed. This dish is served with onions which completes the taste of the dish.


It is another fish item which is a delicious delicacy of Amsterdam. Salt code is a popular dish everywhere in the world and is famous in Amsterdam too. Many fish booths in Amsterdam sell the tasty fried salt cod. It is best served with homemade tartar sauce which makes the dish perfect.

Oorlog French Fries

This is quite a different taste that you must try in Amsterdam. The taste of oorlog fries will make you to fall for them instantly. This fries are served hot in a cone topped with mayonnaise, raw onion and peanut sauce. This may sound like an odd combination, but trust this, after you try oorlog fries you will be hooked for a life time.


Try out different varieties of chutneys. They are available in sweet and spicy flavors. They are among the must try tastes in Amsterdam.

Dutch Cheese

This is one of the most famous foods of Amsterdam. There are different types of cheeses which are really delicious. There are many cheese shops across the city where you can try out free samples of cheese varieties. You can buy the cheese variety that impresses you the most. The most famous among them is Old Amsterdam. Another incredible cheese variety is Gouda which you will definitely love.


Stamppot is a complete meal that will make you full. This is a traditional meal that contains enough vegetables to fill your stomach. This dish is very popular in Amsterdam and is a good meal to eat during the winter season. It contains mashed potatoes along with carrots, cabbage, endive and onions. The dish forms a great combination with Rookworst which is another traditional food of Amsterdam. This combination makes a wonderfully satisfying meal.


It is also known as snert. This is a highly satisfactory soup that will also keep you full. The warmth of this soup can be best enjoyed during the cold weather conditions. This soup is not an ordinary soup that you are familiar with. This is known for its thickness. The soup is very thick and will be filled with pork and different vegetables. The vegetables which are commonly used for this soup include potatoes, split peas, celeriac, carrots, onions, leek, garlic etc.

Bossche Bol

These are cream filled balls. It is a dessert which is rich with chocolate. This spherical shaped deliciousness will have the size of a tennis ball and will be covered in dark chocolate or brittle milk. The dish is “notoriously tasty” with its rich amount of cream and chocolate.


This is also one of the popular desserts in the city which is really delicious. The tompouce is actually a cream sandwich. It is made of two slaps of puff pastry and will be stuffed with heavy cream and then topped with pink icing. During national holidays and special events like King’s Day, this dessert can be found in orange icing rather than pink in honor of the royal family of Dutch, the House of Orange-Nassau.


These are spiced cookies that are commonly eaten during the Christmas season in the Netherlands. This includes spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves etc. These spices are combined with flour, butter and sugar to make the batter for speculaas and this batter is then cooked in the oven to make the tasty cookies.

Trying out new tastes which are particular to a place is a great way to explore that place. The above dishes should be included in your must try items during the Amsterdam tours. They will help you to complete your Amsterdam experience. These tastes will make you to visit this place again and again just to try them once more.

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