About Us

Headed to Amsterdam for a holiday and need guidance to make sure you enjoy your time here to the full? We can help. A tour operator based in many global locations including Amsterdam, we strive to ensure the best possible experience for the people we take under our wing while they are here. Our multiple decades in the business have taught us quite a few ins and outs that are sure to benefit all kinds of tourists looking to get their fill of the city.

Amsterdam has a heart and soul like no other place on Earth, and this is what draws millions of tourists to visit a city which is often called the Venice of the North. Divided by canals into roughly 90 small islands and with around 400 bridges spanning these waterways, this city can sometimes be hard to navigate, which is inconvenient if you have a list of places to be, and limited time in which to visit all of them. Many problems can beset the unwary initiate when they are touring Amsterdam, such as long queues, getting run over by cyclists, and myriad other things that could ruin their trip.

Get us on board, and we can show you a side of the city that will take your breath away. Whether you are into art, history, food, music, or nightlife, or all of those things, we know where and when to get the best of them so that you can sincerely brag on your experiences after returning home. Immerse yourself in the culture here to feel connected to some of the most laid back people on the planet, and understand why they are that way. While most every tourist that leaves here carries fond memories of time spent, you can take that to the next level by having us help you plan a trip that even Marco Polo would have envied.

Leave out nothing you don’t want to; visit the Jordaan neighborhood, get a ferry ride to Amsterdam North, cruise the canals at leisure, shop for memorabilia, drink some of the finest craft beer made in Europe, spend a day at Vondelpark, admire Van Gogh’s handiwork, and do a lot more. If you need help planning all that, we have got you covered there as well. All you need to do is call and tell us when you are planning to visit, and for how long.