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There will hardly be anyone who does not wish to visit places that resemble the ones from fairytale movies. You can make this wish come true if you pay a visit to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The city is rich with misty air, colorful trees, blossoms, water bodies, etc. No wonder Amsterdam is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and there are many travelers whose ultimate aim is to explore this magical city. Apart from the beauty and serenity, Amsterdam is also famous for the freedom it offers. Selling drugs is legal in most places of this city, and hence you can also get some of the best buzz over here.

The Importance of Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Some drugs like cocaine, magic mushrooms, etc are banned in the city, as is smoking in public. However, there are many coffee shops where you can enjoy legalized drugs such as marijuana. So, if you want to toke up in the city, pay a visit to these coffee shops that are listed below during your Amsterdam tours.

Coffeeshop Easy Times

The Coffeeshop Easy Times is very particular about keeping their place classy and stylish. There is no rule that you have to create the ambiance of a hippie fest in order to get stoned and enjoy the mood to the core. Here, you can see modern and trendy Arabian style lounges perfectly hiked with loud dance music, simulating the vibes of Miami Beach but without that blasted sunshine.

La Tertulia

In most places, you can see people losing their senses after consuming a puff. However, La Tertulia has the perfect solutions to keep the bad boys in control – there are several board games in this coffee shop that are so interestingly addictive, especially when you are high. For other people also, this is a perfect way to spend their time, mainly during the rainy days.

Prix d’Ami

This is the largest Coffeeshop in the Amsterdam, and in the world. Here, along with enjoying the weeds, you can also play various pool games and enjoy thrilling 3D movies. In fact, half of the top floor in Prix d’Ami is dedicated to pool tables, and the other half to a 3D-movie lounge. Furthermore, the interior of this coffee shop is decorated using rustic furniture and dim lighting in order to provide a warm and cozy feel.

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