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Going to Amsterdam on vacation? There is probably a long list of things, which you will want to eat while you are there, most of it Dutch. However, this is not the only widespread cuisine option you have to choose from – you can even try out Surinamese food when on private day tours Amsterdam.

Where to Find Surinamese Food

Suriname is one of the former Dutch colonies, and due to its colonial past, has a hard-to-define range of foods in its cuisine. You will find African, Indian, Chinese, and Javanese influences here. We have compiled a list of the best places for finding top Surinamese food.

Warung Spang Makandra

You should come here for lunch after a brisk walk through De Pijp’s Albert Cuyp Market. The foods served here are Surinamese and Javanese, and it has been around since 1978. It is a very small restaurant, although it is very popular. What you need to know is that they do not take reservations, which means if you show up on weekends, you will have to wait a fairly long time. If you get past that, expect goodly portions and practical prices.

Swieti Sranang

If you want to get lunch on the go, this is the place to try. It is a small shop owned by Juliet Chang and Henk van de Weerd, which serves the best in Surinamese-inspired snacks, sandwiches, and rice. This place is must-visit on your Amsterdam tour checklist.


This restaurant serves traditional Surinamese cuisine, and it is where you will need to be going if you are looking for a fast and fresh, tasty evening meal or even lunch. You get mouthwatering sandwiches here. They also serve noodles and rice with vegetables or meat.


This place takes its name from an actual town in Suriname and gives out a mix of Chinese and Surinamese foods. It is a simple place with friendly staff, and is good value for money when have a budget to stick to. There is a dish called Tjauw minh, which is meat and vegetables mixed with thin noodles. Another you should try is the Gado gado.

Lalla Rookh

This place is a frequent haunt among the locals because it serves some delicious rotis. You can get it in either the meat or the vegetarian version. There is also the traditional Surinamese soda by the name of ‘Fernandes’, which you should definitely try out if you are in the area and looking for a place to eat.

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