What Not to Miss Out When Exploring the Attractions in Amsterdam

Private Amsterdam Tour Guide
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

An Amsterdam cruise tour is a must when you visit the Dutch capital for the first or umpteenth time. Other than offering some of the best views of the cityscapes, navigating the Dutch canals on a cruise boat is an experience that sums up a roundup of main areas of interests in the ‘Venice of the North’.

Amsterdam is home to several museums including the Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum. One can combine a canal cruise package to make the most of a museum visit when exploring the tourist attractions in the city capital. Visiting the most popular museums in the city will take hours, but combining that with an Amsterdam canal cruise will offer sightseers a chance to reflect back on the highlights seen in the museums along the canal path.

Some of the cityscapes resemble a Dutch Golden Age painting, so the sightseers can learn to appreciate the beauty of the Dutch masterpieces by strolling through the canals on a private boat.

Amsterdam Canal Tours

A beautiful sight one may come across while cruising through the Dutch canals bordering the Damrak avenue are canal houses, which holds the distinction of being dancing houses one would love to capture in a camera and be kept as a souvenir. Some of the other tourist attractions in Amsterdam city exist mainly in the Red Light District or De Wallen as it is formally known. The Dutch district is home to hang out places that capture the nightlife of Amsterdam in the best possible way.

Red Light District is littered with small mansions, huts and coffee shops lined up along the Dutch canals, offering a sight to behold for visitors especially when the city lights come on. Attractions in and around the district include the Erotic Museum and Sex Museum, Stedelijk Museum situated in the Museumkwartier, and the Anne Frank House, which is a mansion turn museum that welcomes millions of visitors each year.

While exploring the De Wallen, you may stumble upon small but picturesque gardens simply by pushing open an entrance gate. Note that some of these unobtrusive gardens in the Red Light District are private, but do check it out with native Dutch to cap off a daytime visit to the district. If you want to explore the beauty of the cityscapes on a canal tour, get in touch with a private Amsterdam tour guide.

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