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Amsterdam is a photographer’s delight. The city is replete with cobblestone streets, canal houses, brick bridges, and medieval architectures that trace back to the 17th Century. Below is a list of picturesque views that you can capture when on private Amsterdam walking tours.

Magere Brug

This is a bridge that sails over the Amstel River. There is an urban legend in the past that says this bridge was named after siblings who lived on either side of the Amstel and that the ‘magere zussen’ sisters had it constructed to meet from time to time.

In order to cope with peering traffic concerns, a much wider bridge had taken place of the actual bridge in 1871. In the evening time, the ‘skinny bridge’, as it is called, retains its charm with gleaming lights that attracts photographers and couples.


This canal is home to the Hotel Seven Bridges, a canal house that is popular among the sightseers with interests in photography. Nestled away in the midst of Amsterdam, it passes via Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, and Herengracht canals.

Reguliersgracht features seven bridges, which you can see from up close no matter from any bridge or through the waterways. In fact, photographers tend to explore the canal stretch on a boat to snap a series of one bridge after the other.

A’DAM Lookout

This rooftop area on top of the A’DAM tower is a perfect spot for skyline photography. It features an over-the-edge swing that is billed as the highest swing in Europe. If you are on a walking tour Amsterdam purely for thrills alone, you should explore the A’DAM Lookout. If you want a sweeping 360-degree view of Amsterdam cityscapes, this is the place to be in.

It is nestled away next to the EYE Film Institute. Whether to take snaps or swing with the city under your feet it’s up to you. Please avoid doing the outlandish stuff, the momentous selfie with an outrageous swing.

I Amsterdam Slogan

You have the best photography spot in Amsterdam in the Rijksmuseum gardens on Museumplein. Many people go to the museum’s backside, take photos with the letters symbolic of the city, and travel back home feeling proud to have visited the Dutch capital.

You can stand behind or in between the letters while photographing the picture postcard view that encapsulates Amsterdam at one glance.

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