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Several tourists who are going on an Amsterdam tour are not aware of the fact that the small city of Harlem is one of the best places in Amsterdam. Harlem has a number of cultural attractions, hidden gems, and historical monuments, which makes it a sightseers’ paradise. If you are a person who wishes to explore Amsterdam to its fullest, then you should definitely visit Harlem while visiting the Dutch capital.

The medical city of Harlem, which is filled with cobbled streets, winding waterways, and ancient buildings, is an amazing picturesque tourist destination. Harlem, which is just a few kilometers away from Amsterdam Central Station, has an epoch-spanning architecture, thriving cultural scene, and rich history. Below are some of the best things you can do in Harlem.

Visit the Grote Market

The Grote Market, which is situated underneath the imposing Grote Kerk, is one of the major highlights of Harlem city. The concerts and festivals conducted at this vast square allow you to know more about the tradition and culture of Amsterdamians. In addition to that, Grote Market is a hub of daily life for the natives and it is also one of the elegant city squares in the Netherlands.

Check Out the Historic Grote Kerk

If you are planning to visit the Grote Market while you are in Amsterdam, then do not miss the magnificent Grote Kerk cathedral. This cathedral, which was built in the 14th Century, was struck by lightning several years ago. However, the authorities have done a great job in restoring the cathedral and most of the structural damages have been fixed. The breathtaking gothic interior and the elegantly designed giant towers of the Grote Kerk cathedral are a few things you do not want to miss when you are visiting Harlem.

Go Shopping

It might come as a surprise to many tourists when they hear the fact that Harlem is considered as the best shopping destination in the Netherlands. The quick saunter surrounding the boutique-lined streets will reveal why Harlem is the ideal destination for the ones who love to shop. You can find cool concept stores, antique shops, more in each and every corner of Harlem. Some of the smaller streets in the city such as Gierstraat, Koningstraat, and Warmoesstraat boast an excellent selection of unique specialty stores and shops.

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