Top 3 Best-Kept Secrets Of Royal Palace Amsterdam

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As the name implies, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam that is residing at the Dam Square was used by the Royal Family and it was one of their 3 palaces to be precise. The palace is full of artworks, artifacts, and sculptures that reveal fascinating tales right from the days when it was the city capital’s Town Hall. While there are plenty of collections in display for tourists in the actual palace, the tales behind some of the highlights at the palatial home are more of a best-kept secret. Below is a compilation of 3 legendary tales with regards to the palace. When you tour the Royal Palace through private day tours Amsterdam coordinators, you will come across more tales.

Highlight is the Atlas

Atop the building is a Titan from Greek mythology who carries literally the universe on his broad shoulders. It is figuratively said by the Dutch since time memorial that when Atlas falls from the heavens, the city capital will fall down. Atlas, which ranges six meters high, exemplifies how the natives perceived the universe from their point of view. There is also a bronze cast variant of the statue outside the Royal Palace.

Poseidon Follows Suit

The pediment of Amsterdam’s Royal Palace faces the Dam Square and embodies Amsterdam’s links with the seawater. However, on the pediment sits the god of the underworld, who waged war versus the Titans in Greek mythology. The traces of Amstel River are nowhere to be seen throughout the square as of now but River IJ is linked to the sea. The Damrak Avenue once used to carry goods from across the globe to the city capital.

Personifying Venus and Mars Statutes

At one corner of the Royal Palace galleries reside the Greek Goddess who goes by the name ‘Venus’ (symbol of peace) and that of Mars. Their bonhomie and love dates back to the early days of the Town Hall, which was designed by Dutch artist Jacob van Campen. Below the statue of Venus are the reliefs of children of Ares and Venus, ‘Cupid’ and ‘Anteros’ who both compete each another for some sort of care from the goddess. Peace prevails so far, as Venues can hold on the god of war, ‘Mars’ from the epic battles.