Three Things to do in the Oud-Zuid Neighborhood in Amsterdam City

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Oud-Zuid is a must-visit place when on Amsterdam city tours, especially if you have a craving for fine arts among other things. Oud-Zuid is home to the Museumplein square which features some of the best museums in Amsterdam. The Dutch neighborhood is also ideal to go on a shopping spree and spend a few dollars if you wish.

Planning your itinerary well in advance of a visit to Oud-Zuid would help you avoid tourist traps and find shopping places, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Besides having a private Amsterdam tour guide to take you to Oud-Zuid would let you explore more in one of the best neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

Museums in Oud-Zuid

Stedelijk is a museum to visit here that is worth a look especially if you are into contemporary artworks. The works exhibited in the museum would channel your inner child to draw a comparison with modern arts with vintage arts. Moco Museum, on the other hand, features the best artworks from Salvador Dalí, and graffiti works from Banksy to name a few. Apart from that, the neighborhood is also home to Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum and its gardens.

Bicycling Through Oud-Zuid

The Rijksmuseum features an underpass running through the museum through which people rush past on bicycles. This passage also features street performers and musicians. The building is an architectural masterstroke designed in 1885 by Pierre Cuypers who also designed the Amsterdam Central Station. The museum was reopened in 2013 following renovation works that spanned a decade. It blends old-school art with contemporary even on the outside, and staring at its structure may leave you in a maze making it tough to figure one passage ends and the other starts.

Listen to a Concert Show

Oud-Zuid is home to one of the best concert halls with excellent acoustics namely Royal Concertgebouw. The hall was purposefully constructed just so once the orchestra plays, each attendee in the room appreciates classical music at its reverent best. The Concertgebouw features orchestral concerts all year, including lunchtime shows and usual 75 minute guided visits, which are well worth a take. If you are into classical music, but are yet to listen to it in a live scenario, you will come across the best sound quality here.