Three Best Underrated Treasures in Amsterdam City

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Amsterdam city is well known for its numerous blockbuster attractions such as Anne Frank museum, Van Gogh museum, Red Light District, etc., that invites more and more travelers to the city, every year. Other than these top-rated places, there are some lesser-known places in the city as well, that are equally beautiful. Most of these places will be less crowded and noisy that makes it a better option for you to explore these hidden gems on your next Amsterdam tours.

Below are some of the underrated treasures in the city that are worth a visit during your Amsterdam tours in order to make it more exciting and memorable.

Cobra Museum of Modern Art

Cobra museum of modern art is located at the municipality of Amstelveen, which is at an accessible distance from central Amsterdam. The museum is inside an amazing building that is designed by an ace architect, Wim Quist and houses many awe-inspiring works by the 20th Century Avant Garde cobra group that are both enlightening and playful.

The name Cobra was formed from the home cities of the members that include Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam in the respective order. This is an ideal place for all the history buffs and architectural enthusiasts to spend their time.

Oost Amsterdam

Oost Amsterdam is the eastern region of the city and only a few travelers seem to explore this picturesque place. Apart from the captivating beauty, the place also has some exciting features such as Artis, Hortus Botannicus, and Park Frankendael. The former one is counted amongst one of the famous zoos in the city that houses many endangered as well as incredible animals.

Hortus Botannicus, on the other hand, is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, and Park Frankendael is a beautiful former country estate of a 17th-Century wealthy merchant. Other than this, there are also many green streets here, where you can stroll through in order to spend your quality time in peace.

Rembrandt Park

Located in the west of the city, Rembrandt Park is another hidden gem in Amsterdam. The place where this spacious and green park located is a bit too classy and modern that it rarely resembles a tourist spot. However, the park is sure to offer you a serene experience rather than the bustling Vondelpark or any other top-rated gardens in the city.

The park is embellished with beautiful and wondrous sculptures along with a petting zoo called De Uylenburg. These features make the park one of the best parks in the city, especially for small kids. In addition, you can also relish the authentic taste of Amsterdam from the shops in and around the park.

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