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The Anne Frank House is one of the most famous locations in Amsterdam for the rich history associated with it. The place where the 14-year old Anne Frank lived and jotted down the experiences of the Nazi era is open to the public. You can visit their place of dwelling on your private Amsterdam walking tours and experience how the times of hardships toned the city as it is today.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank and her family resided in the annex of an office building for more than two years. During the time, Anne’s father, Otto Frank, had a business running. The entrance to their annex was concealed behind a wooden bookcase of the size of a large door. This was a moveable one and was built keeping this purpose in mind.

Meanwhile, the office members knew the whereabouts of the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer who also hid in this space. They helped them by supplying them essential food as well as news about the war. In 1944, however, the hiding place was compromised. People were sent to different concentration camps, and only Otto Frank survived the war.

The house still breathes the air of history, of a time when the place was the sole refuge for a group of eight from the ongoing slaughter of Jews. The place has photographs, historical documents, diary, original objects, and film images from the times of World War II. These objects are used in the guided tours to explain the incidents that took place during that period.

The original diary of Anne Frank is also on display at the museum. Besides, you can also enter a multimedia space, which will give you a chance to go on a virtual journey through the Anne Frank House. Furthermore, a contemporary exhibition is also conducted in the exhibition hall.

Anne Frank House Tickets

The tickets to the place are usually sold out long in advance. So try to get the bookings as early as possible. You can also enter a guided tour about the life of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank House Opening Hours

During the summer months, the Anne Frank Museum is usually packed with visitors. Note that from March to October, the museum is open from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm. Hence, it would be a better idea to visit the place towards the closing hours of the day.


The museum has a bookstore and a café within the premises. The museum also provides leaflets in eight different languages for the convenience of visitors. However, note that photography is banned inside the museum.

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