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Amsterdam may not be the chocolate capital of Europe, but it does have a fair amount of chocolate factories for anyone who loves the taste of these delights. Below are some of the best chocolate destinations that you can check out on your private day tours Amsterdam.

Puccini Bomboni

Puccini Bomboni is an ideal place to kick start your chocolate tour in Amsterdam. It has its typical oversized bonbons blended with French spirits, nuts, liqueurs to fruit, and Southeast Asian spices. Besides, there are different varieties of dark, pure, milk, cream, and white chocolate, which are used as the central ingredients of every Puccini Bomboni bonbon. More options such as cranberry, coffee, ginger, figs, cognac, pecans, and Cointreau are also available for you to taste.


This place produces a selection of handmade chocolates with a mix of cocoa alongside fruits and herbs for delicate chocolate taste treats. Apart from its handmade products, Vanroselen also sells top-quality brands of chocolate from different parts of the world. Grab the opportunity to taste some of the best chocolates.

Pompadour Chocolaterie and Tearoom

Pompadour is famous for pastries and chocolates. It has a gorgeous Louis XVI tearoom with imported embellishments from Antwerp, Belgium. The place serves pastries in addition to breakfast and lunch and you can enjoy a coffee or a tea in the cozy place and take home a selection of your favorite chocolates. The place uses French Valrhona chocolates and gets its recipes from French and Belgian chocolatier colleagues.


Artichoc is one of the chocolateries that tries to avoid the use of chocolates as much as possible. As far as a chocolate maker is concerned, this is considered a major accomplishment. It is known for mixing up the flavors and creating delicious combinations. This includes marsala, honey-whiskey, caramel-pine nut, pimiento, and basil. Besides, there are seasonal delights such as mushrooms, acorns, pumpkins, and chestnuts.


Cacaomuseum will provide you with a lot of information regarding chocolates and also offers a sizeable collection of chocolates from around the world. Additional items such as cacao sausages, chocolate vinegar, and chocolate cheese are also available. It even has paintings made of chocolate.

Chocoa Festival

Amsterdam’s Chocoa Festival is a famous event for all chocolate lovers around the world. This event will enlighten you with the story of the process of making chocolate. Starting from the beginnings as a cocoa bean, to becoming the bonbon that sends you to paradise are explained. You can also learn about the different combinations of food and wine.

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