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Amsterdam is one of the best and exhilarating places for all the free spirits out there. This beautiful place offers great deals for every people irrespective of their age and gender. Other than the picturesque canals and the beautiful tulip blooms, Amsterdam is also famous for the freedom it offers.

In many places of Amsterdam, selling certain types of marijuana is also legal and people will not be bothered even if you are high. There are many beautiful and exciting places here, which are better to explore when you are stoned. However, people who are visibly stoned are not allowed to enter in certain places. So, smoke responsibly if you want to enjoy the things listed below.

Explore the Dark Mini Golf

Discover the fun of playing golf in the dark. There are 15 holes waiting for you in this fun-filled room and there is only some fluorescent lighting here. This whole experience is sure to give you an adrenaline thrill, especially when you are high.

There are numerous packages to excite you at the place like combo laser, mini golf package, bowling package, etc. Furthermore, you can carry your drinks along with you if you want. Otherwise, enjoy the many delicious meal packages here; you can also customize your meal package.

Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland is the sole museum in the world that is totally dedicated to fluorescent paintings and related artifacts. One of the masterpiece attractions of this place is an artwork made by the owner of this museum. He recreated almost every beautiful memory that he had with fluorescent rocks and paints in this work.

Furthermore, there is an interactive art piece where you can see variations in the colors of rocks when they are exposed to lights of different wavelengths. This is a must-see attraction in Amsterdam. Some would say that there is no other place in Amsterdam, which can take your senses to such level when you are stoned.

Explore the Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum

The Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum is located in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. This museum consists of two exhibits, which houses almost every variety of cannabis. The first exhibit displays various hemp plants and its applications; today, it is one of the best alternatives for cotton.

The second exhibit is called as hemp gallery, which explains the history and culture of hemp plants. Furthermore, the museum also hosts various exhibitions on topics related to cannabis. Explore this place in order to understand the types of weeds that you consume.

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