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Amsterdam is an exotic place to spend your holidays. The picturesque canals, charismatic lanes, tulip blossoms, etc., makes the city to resemble a place from some fairytale movies. Furthermore, there are many beaches near Amsterdam, which are perfect for an exciting day out during your Amsterdam city tours. Some of the stunning beaches near Amsterdam are listed below.

Zandvoort Beach

Zandvoort beach is a big beach resort near Amsterdam and it lies around 30 km to the west of the city. You can reach this place easily by a train or bus. There are many coffee shops over the sandy shore and you can enjoy the authentic flavors of Amsterdam with a touch of cool breeze that is sure to give you goose bumps.

This place is ideal for shopaholics also as there are many tourist shops lined around the shore. However, the stuff here is little expensive compared to other street shops in the city. Furthermore, Zandvoort beach is the solitary beach that is easily accessible via public transport and is very famous among the people, especially inhabitants of Amsterdam, tourists, and families.

Bloemendaal Beach

This is a sandy beach, which lies next to the Bloemendaal aan Zee Beach. This is a perfect place for you if you are a party junkie. Here, you can see many beach pavilions on the shore, where you can lie on the relaxing lounge and enjoy some yummy food and cocktails. The music here is sure to raise the overall ambiance

The most interesting thing to do in Bloemendaal Beach is to enjoy the magical sunset. Additionally, there are many beach bars here, which will turn into beach clubs during the weekends. Here, you can experience the best DJ night of your life. However, most of these clubs have a dress code and door code; take note of that while going.

Wijk Aan Zee Beach

This is actually a village on the seaside, which has the broadest beach in North Holland. Wijk Aan Zee beach is the perfect place for every adventure seeker as it is famous for surfing and diving activities. You can rent the gears and other equipment that are required for water sports from the ozlines that are located at the beach.

The out-of-place industry of the beach resorts in Wijk aan Zee beach made it pretty famous. Besides, there is a steel making company, Tata Steel, located nearby the beach. The huge and cloudy fume that comes from this dark industrial compound makes a dramatic backdrop for the sandy beach. The white and green sand dunes over here add to it.

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