5 Must-Visit Libraries in Amsterdam

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While wandering through Amsterdam, you will come across the rich historical significance of the place and the overwhelming Dutch tradition that surrounds it. You can know more about this historically rich place and capital of the Netherlands by two ways. A stroll or visit to its numerous attractions and mingling with the natives will present you with a clear picture. The other way is by indulging in books detailing the elaborate history of the place.

For the latter, you can get more information about Amsterdam by visiting its numerous libraries located in and around the city. These libraries are treasure troves of information and can satisfy your quest for knowledge. They contain enormous volumes all encased in grand classic or contemporary architecture. If you are on an extended stay, you will find these libraries highly rewarding while you tour Amsterdam. Listed below are five of the must-visit libraries in Amsterdam.

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA)

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam is the city’s main public library that will surely reward your visit. Its seven public floors house an immense collection of books on every topic imaginable. There are multimedia sections that you can rely on to have an interactive experience. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam has a café at the top and ground floor that gives you a relaxing experience while searching through the books.

Rijksmuseum Research Library

Visiting the Rijksmuseum Research Library takes you through extensive volumes on art and culture. If you are a patron of the arts, then look no further and visit the Rijksmuseum Library for knowing more about art. You can browse through catalogs, books, periodicals, and reports housed in the library. This spectacular library is a sight in itself with its 19th-Century reading room and large shelves.

Ritman Library

The Ritman Library located on the Keizersgracht is one place that you must visit especially if you are interested in spirituality, mysticism, philosophy, and religious traditions. This library has numerous references and books dealing with Hermeticism as well as arts and science. It has enough resources dedicated to these subjects that will help you particularly if you are writing a book or preparing a dissertation on the subject.

Huis de Pinto

As a center for culture and education, the Huis de Pinto is definitely worth a visit if you want to spend time reading while interacting with the visitors. It has a good collection of local newspaper and magazines that you can borrow for reading in the relaxed atmosphere. Besides, Huis de Pinto holds many activities such as art exhibitions, concerts, poetry recitals, and so on.

Scheepvaartmuseum Library

Visiting the Scheepvaartmuseum Library gives you a glimpse into the golden age of the Dutch and navigation. This library holds the foremost and most valuable collections of maritime history preserved in the form of numerous books and records. You can enter this library free while visiting the National Maritime Museum.