Soho – A Feast for the Eyes and Senses

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While visiting London, one will soon discover the need for a leisurely night of shopping, cuisines, and other delights. The diverse attractions and streets in London make one wonder whether there is a culture of nightlife in the city. In fact, there is, and Soho is the right place to be if one wishes to experience the vibrant and colorful side of London.

Located in Central London, Soho is the center of a thriving nightlife, entertainment, shopping and a collection of great restaurants. Soho is known for its distinctive vibe and liberal atmosphere unlike any other places in London. The place offers a unique shopping experience with its numerous boutique and designer shops. Visitors can find things in Soho that are rare in London such as sex shops, burlesque shows, and gay and lesbian bars. The neon-lit walkways are another distinctive trademark of Soho that promises the visitors a lively experience, particularly when visiting during the night.

Visiting Soho is a great way to acquaint with the thriving nightlife and vibrant culture existing in London. It has remained a popular destination for tourists concerning the importance of the place as a major shopping and entertainment neighborhood. The glittering nightlife, shops, and a mix of different people from around the world make Soho a must visit area in London.


Soho is distinctive of the lively nightlife scene in London. Complementing this rich nightlife is the presence of several bars, clubs, and pubs located in different areas of Soho. The place has several of them from ordinary pubs to elite and secretive bars located across its walkways. Some of the popular bars such as the Bar Soho and The O Bar are places to definitely visit if one wishes to enjoy a diverse collection of cocktails.

There are also several coffee shops lineup in the walkways of Soho that visitors will find interesting to enjoy a cup of frothy coffee. A prominent feature of Soho is that it is the center of the gay and lesbian scene in the city. Soho has numerous gay clubs and bars and is the spot where the Pride in London event is held each year. Besides the booze and coffee, Soho is also notable for its numerous live music venues focusing on different genres of rock and roll, jazz, and karaoke.


The one thing that Soho is known for besides its energetic nightlife is its shopping scene. The busy streets of Soho consist of some of the top boutique and designer shops in the country. Most of these boutiques are located along the famous Berwick Street, Carnaby Street and Kingly Court. Besides its fashion shopping, Soho also contains numerous electronic stores centered on the Oxford Street and Regent Street.

One of the most famous streets in Soho is the Denmark Street, ideal for taking a stroll and lined with an array of musical instrument shops. Moreover, Soho is one place to go for enjoying shopping in some notable stores such as Hamleys, Agent Provocateur, Liberty, and Paul A Young.


The presence of a diverse range of cuisines is something characteristic of Soho. This is provided by the numerous restaurants located on its streets and sidewalks. Visiting Soho is a way to experience both the local foods as well as expensive offerings. The place is known for its culinary delights from different countries such as the spicy and colorful cuisine of India available in restaurants such as Masala Zone and Cinnamon Soho.

There are several Michelin-starred restaurants in Soho such as Barrafina, Yauatcha, etc., that offers an excellent and fine dining experience. Besides, numerous eateries and restaurants offer brunch and snacks such as The Breakfast Club Soho and Yalla Yalla.


Soho is a major cultural center as well and contains many prominent theatres like the Prince Edward Theatre and Prince of Wales Theatre. They have contributed so much to the theatre scene in London and conducts shows regularly such as musicals, plays, stand-up comedies, and cabaret. Other prominent theatres to visit in Soho are the Ambassador Theatre, Queen’s Theatre and the Lyric Theatre. The theatres in Soho are great places to enjoy watching such grand theatrical productions and attract both Londoners and tourists alike.

Getting There

Located in the West End of London, Soho is spread across 2.6 square kilometers of land. Thus, it is easier to get around by foot across Soho and its neighboring areas such as Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Charing Cross Road. Visitors can get to Soho by available public transportation systems such a bus or tube.

There are numerous tube stations located near Soho, which visitors can use for traveling to and from the place, such as Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Piccadilly Circus, and Leicester Square. This well-connected network of tube stations and bus routes makes it much easier for visitors to reach Soho and enjoy the neighborhood.