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Thousands of bridges sail over the scenic waterways in Amsterdam city bringing the ancient architecture and scenery of Dutch canals into a world full of opportunities. Full of latticework, the bridges in Venice of the North are perfect hotspots for photography. Below is a compilation of top five bridges, which you can explore on private day tours Amsterdam. No matter your interests lie in capturing latticework, sightseeing among other things, these bridges connecting the Dutch neighborhoods are sure to excite you.

Magere Brug

The central deck of this bascule bridge raises and lowers using counterweight connecting pedestrians to both the eastern and western flanks of the Amstel River. Owing to its charming location, it is widely considered as one of the most romantic spots in Amsterdam city. Its moveable section is photogenic as well, so you have best of both worlds while sightseeing.


This suspension bridge is not only architecturally glorious but also ideal for bicycling. It connects Dutch neighborhoods namely Amsterdam-Oost and Ijburg. Since its northern slope extends up to an ancient area where Dutch writer Nesico once used to walk, the creators of this bridge named it after him.


The color of this 19th Century bridge does not refer to its English translation but serves as a reminder of the Blue Bridge that stood in its place during 16th Century. Amstel serves an ideal landmark in Amsterdam to take a photo with the river in all its glory. To get an ideal backdrop, go to the midst of the bridge so that you can include a famous museum and an opera house in the shot.


As the present UNESCO World Heritage Site Canal Belt underwent expansions during 16th Century, the Dutch government planned to build a bridge over river Amstel to fortify and enhance the national defense. However, that strategic structure got replaced by this bascule bridge that is beautiful like the bridges in Paris city featuring lamps, stone obelisks, and other architectural nods.


Prior to designing Scheepvaarthuis building nearby alongside other structures featuring Amsterdamse School architectural style, the Dutch architect Joan van der Mey conceived the design of this bridge. Like some of the structures associated with that style, even this bridge features odd geometrical patterns like iron railings and triangular arches.

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