Top 4 Things to Do in De Baarsjes and Bos En Lommer Neighborhoods

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The De Baarsjes and Bos en Lommer neighborhoods in Amsterdam is home to several pop-up retail stores, street markets, cafes, sightseeing locations, and so forth. If you are looking for a shopping area or a place to spend a day or night out in Amsterdam, these two neighborhoods have several places that can fulfill your plans.

Catch a Performance and Dance All Night

If you are looking for a multipurpose event venue in Amsterdam city to spend the night, there are many options to consider for all things entertainment. The De Marktkantine doubles up as a club, theater, and restaurant. On the other hand, De School restaurant comprising of a gymnasium that offers yoga has a lineup of events that can rival other venues.

Have Food on a Terrace Bar

On a calm evening, it is worth considering going to a terrace bar for having food enjoying the bustling activities of the pedestrians. If you are a lover of wine, Cafe Partisan has a lot of selections on offer, and hearty dishes all available at an affordable bistro’s fare. Equally vintage is Lokaal Edel serving tartare and burgers worth visiting for partying hard with mouthfuls.

Sightseeing in Rembrandtpark

If you are in the mood for a picnic, this sprawling park is an ideal place for that. Come here for private day tours Amsterdam with your kids, especially at dawn, to catch the gorgeous sight of sunrays peeping through trees. It is unsurprising that a park named after the famous Dutch painter has several sculptures, a petting zoo, a café, and a playground for kids. It is an oasis nestled away nearby Oud-West neighborhood, one that stays open all the day along.

Consider this resolution – while your kids feed animals in the petting zoo here, you can have a coffee in the Terrasmus cafe. In fact, only a visit to the Rijksmuseum housing a plethora of Rembrandt’s famous works can rival the family-friendly place that borders De Baarsjes.

Have a Food Tour along Jan Evertsenstraat

Once you are done with sightseeing and shopping, you will need an eatery for delicious food at reasonable costs. Look no further than the cobblestoned street along Amsterdam-West for eateries that fulfill one’s appetite for food. Come here for beers, burgers, coffee, and more sightseeing as well.

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