Top 3 Indoor Activities to Try-Out When it is Raining in Amsterdam

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If you are planning to visit the tourist attractions in the capital city, even when the weather forecast is cloudy, you could go ahead with the trip in a carefree manner. Since it is situated in northern Europe, the weather in Amsterdam does vary from time to time, but not in a way to affect Dutch tourism. Add the below activities to your tour Amsterdam itinerary on a rainy day or cloudy weather, which would make the trip even more exciting.

Visit Attractions in Museum Quarter

There is no better place to chill out with friends than in the museums in Museumkwartier. You can spend a full day experiencing the vast art collections in Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum in the Dutch neighborhood, without even realizing the downpour outside. Once you fully satisfy the art appetite in you in any of the topmost visited museums in Amsterdam city, get yourselves a drink or snack at the restaurants nearby to complete the visit.

Combine a Canal Cruise and Museum Visit

If it is raining, the roofs of cruisers in Amsterdam have the capability to be drawn back in to keep a canal boat moving safely. In fact, it does not have to be a sunny day in order to enjoy a canal cruise through the attractions in and around the UNESCO World Heritage site in Amsterdam. In fact, cruising through the Canal Ring area in a boat with glass ceiling is a one-of-a-kind experience any time of the year. Once you do it just after visiting a museum, the attractions along the way would resemble a Dutch Golden Age painting, making your tour Amsterdam package even more immersive.

Explore Indoor Flea Markets in Amsterdam

Several flea markets are held across the capital city throughout a month, which provides an opportunity for visitors to shop antiquities and stuff with some amount of bargaining. IJ-Hallen situated at NDSM Wharf, the former shipyard turn cultural hotspot, claims that it is the largest flea market in not just Amsterdam but around all Europe. It is set in a warehouse that hosts several stalls twice or thrice a month. Similarly, Amsterdam Roest bar also hosts indoor fairs and markets; yet be sure to check the schedule of the flea market you plan to visit when you are there on a rainy day.

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