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Amsterdam is a place for people of all ages with its high freedom and several activities on offer. There are many vintage shopping options available across the city. Below is a look at some of the best shopping sites available to people on private Amsterdam walking tours.

Albert Cuyp Markt

The Albert Cuyp Market, named after the famous 17th Century Dutch Painter Albert Cuyp, is a place where multiple ethnicities converge. The place showcases Amsterdam as a peaceful home for a different culture. Some of the goods on sale here are of Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese, and Indonesian origins. Furthermore, one can also enjoy the delicacies from these nations by taking a quick tour down the adjoining market street. Although the priority is given to food here, there are many stalls in Albert Cuyp Market, where you can find clothing, stationery, textiles, and books at reasonable rates.


Started way back in 1955, Concerto has built the reputation of being one of the finest places to buy music. With recent innovations expanding its building to five stores, the place opens up a world of music to its enthusiasts. There are sections for various genres with classical section leading the way. This includes jazz, dance, and a secondhand vinyl section. The Concerto takes specific care about ensuring the availability of the most popular releases as well as the rare pieces, which makes it a favorite among the music lovers when they tour Amsterdam.

De Looier Arts & Antiques

Although this shop has a look of an overlooked old shop, it has a lot more to offer than what one can imagine. In fact, this is the biggest as well the most popular antiques stall in the whole of the Netherlands. All different categories of antiques could be found here. This ranges from Asian furniture, classy old jewelry, silverware, and old toys made out of. There are bound to be items from the past that will captivate you and stop you on your tracks.

Oudemanhuispoort Book Market

Located in a stone passageway between two famous university buildings, this book market is a bibliophile’s paradise. Books ranging from famous academic titles as well as fiction, non-fiction, and art prints could be found here in abundance. Note that the books on offer here guarantee certain quality and the sellers here are avid readers themselves. Furthermore, the books are all available at surprisingly low rates and you can go home with a heavy stack of books and still not feel robbed.

Recycled Bicycles

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The team at Recycled bicycles is very passionate bikers themselves. Their sole motive is to provide quality bikes to newcomers in the city so that they can experience the city like a native when they tour Amsterdam. They salvage, restore, and sell used bikes at a reasonable prices. They offer probably the best rates in town; you can also rent bikes for a specific period of time from these guys to try out the Amsterdam bike tours.

Wini Vintage

One among the several vintage stores available in the city, Wini definitely offers the best quality garments at the cheapest prices. The clothes here are well maintained and kept clean. Budding designers and tailors can easily pick up cheap, unique materials, and unused vintage fabrics. Though the focus of the shop is on vintage women’s dress, one can also find men’s suits, kids clothing, and interestingly a rainbow-colored ski dress from the 1960’s.


The Noordermarkt is well renowned for its diverse collection of food as well as vintage items. Further, Organic farmers all over the Netherlands set up stalls in this market and sell their fresh products here. One can get the fruit and vegetable shopping as well as taste some of the best Dutch delights. The place is transformed into an antique gallery on Mondays. Stalls would be filled with vintage clothes from the previous era, antique books, collectors’ items like coins as well as classy furniture.

Waterlooplein Markt

One of the best central flea markets in Amsterdam, the Waterlooplein has mesmerized generations of travelers with its several attractions. This includes a collection of clothing stands where new clothes are sold. Here, designers try to sell their newly created dress before they go on and try to make a big name for themselves. Those who have the skill of bargaining can easily make a few profitable buys here.

I Love Vintage

Initially established as an online store, I Love Vintage began functioning in the outlet recently, considering the popularity of its products. Here, one has the option of browsing through the entire collection of accessories like shoes, dresses, and bags. The customer can also express his/her interest in a certain item online, and buy it from the stock at the store. This way, customers can find the item they need before even visiting the shop.

Ij Hallen

The Ij Hallen is the largest flea market in northern Holland. The shipping here involves crossing the river several times on the familiar boats. The sellers could be found along these waterways. It is an excellent vintage shopping venue. Though it has a small entry charge of €4, it is totally worth paying a visit.

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