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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Visiting Amsterdam is something you should do at least once in this lifetime. It has peculiar museums, beautiful parks, and some of the best cafes you will find abroad. If you are going, make sure it is good weather. One of the activities you should not miss out on is canal cruising, so book that in advance. If you have a blank itinerary aside from that, you will need to do some research on what to do when you are there. It is a long list, but we have shortened it considerably.

Visit the Royal Palace, Dam Square, and Damrak

The Royal Palace and Dam Square are two of the most familiar locations in Amsterdam. It never gets too quiet in here, so if you want to be around a lively place, this is the one. It does not take much time to visit, which is why you should definitely do so while you tour Amsterdam.

Damrak is a huge avenue running towards the Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal), and has the Beurs van Berlage, the former stock exchange building, and some other historic places, which you see on Amsterdam postcards.

Walk the Nine Streets

These are old cobbled streets, which link the main canals between Raadhuisstraat and Leidsegracht. You will find independent boutiques here, as well as specialty stores, and places to go shopping for vintage items. The shopping experience is different from when you are hitting the Kalverstraat, which has mostly chain stores.

Look at the Canals at Night

As long as your legs are not sore after the walking you just did, there is more of it to come. You should head to the canals, and maybe even get an evening canal cruise, and see the nicely fitting houses and bridges. If you have time left, you should visit other parts of the Netherlands.


  • Bring comfortable walking shoes with you.
  • If you do not fancy walking, then use public transport. There is also the option to rent a bike, but riding may be a problem with all the people and bikes congesting the streets.
  • Do not get too far from the city center.
  • Do not go by car unless you really need to. Car parking costs an arm and a leg.
  • Book in advance, because Amsterdam is one of the favorite and most bustling tourist destinations in the world.

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