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There are many people who want their holidays to be adventurous, and many of those prefer something spooky to fill their time. This is the main reason why hordes of tourists go in for activities like ghost spotting tours, exploring supposedly haunted spots, etc, as opposed to just highly clichéd sightseeing at heavily frequented spots.

Amsterdam is one of the best bets when it comes to cities offering spine-chilling ghost activities. You would be amazed at this, since the capital city of the Netherlands is mostly associated with natural beauty and architectural wonders. Only a few really know that Amsterdam holds a dark history spanning back around 800 years. If you are brave enough to experience some ghostly things here, try sitting alone in the corner of a dark street on a stormy night during your Amsterdam tours; you are likely to hear whispering noises or witness chilling specters. According to some tourists, you may also see vague figures floating in the air. If you are daring enough to try this, ask your private Amsterdam tour guide about the spookiest locations in the Dutch capital. Go in groups in to make your ghost hunting more exciting.

Amsterdam Ghost Walk Tour

An Amsterdam ghost walk is one of the best activities you can try. In this, a private Amsterdam tour guide will narrate a story of some of the famous haunted places and ghosts. They will be convincing enough to make you feel you are living through the gory history of the Dutch capital. Usually, such an adventurous tour would start at night and last 90 minutes, and covering most of the scariest places in the city. They would also serve you food and beverages of the bizarre variety, in order to step up the ghost walk experience. Some guides even kick-start the tour with a cocktail that resembles blood.

Tours are held in groups of no more than 25 people, so that each person would be able to hear what the guide is saying. In addition to that, it would be easier for people to communicate with the guide and vice versa. A typical Amsterdam ghost walk tour charges €15 per person; you may pay it in advance, or when you start the tour. It is better to book tickets in advance, as the slots tend to fill up pretty quickly. Note that children below 10 years of age are not allowed to take part in a scary adventure of this sort, the reasons being obvious. Below are some of the best haunted spots for you to explore on your spooky Amsterdam ghost walk tour.

Tormented Spirits of Dam Square

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Currently, Dam Square is one of the hottest attractions in Amsterdam, which offers many stunning sightseeing opportunities, shopping options, and food varieties. However, this historic center in Amsterdam has a frightening past as well. It was actually a site for public executions in the olden days, and many suspects were openly killed here in front of crowds. Thousands of women who were suspected to be witches were burnt live at this place. Many of the Dutch still believe that some of those tortured souls still wander the streets here, especially those surrounding the Royal Palace.

Alternatively, you may also explore the Amsterdam Dungeon located nearby the Dam square. Situated at the site of a 16th-century cemetery, the dungeon offers a thrilling experience to visitors through various paranormal shows. If you wish to go through extremely gruesome experiences, better choose a late-night event that allows you to enter the building late at night. In order to spice up the overall experience, they would serve you some devilish drinks and snacks.

The Ghost Alley

One of the most famous ghost tales in Amsterdam is that of a girl named Helena. She lived in Spooksteeg with her sister and father, who was a tanner in the 18th century. Helena’s sister Dina was really beautiful and fairer and hence, she was really antagonistic towards her. Once, a handsome sailor fell in love with Dina. Out of jealousy, Helena killed her sister by pushing her into a cellar of the tannery, and made it look like a tragic accident. Later, Helena married the sailor and lived happily for many years.

However, in 1753, she confessed her sins to her husband and begged his forgiveness when she was on her deathbed. Her husband couldn’t forgive her, and cursed her soul to wander in misery forever. After her death, many people started heard painful screams at the place where she killed her sister. In fact, many modern-day visitors claim to have seen Dina’s ghost roaming around the dark alley. If you are lucky enough, you may also catch a glimpse of Helena’s spirit.

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