The Less-Crowded Places to Visit in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is always beautiful with its vivid arts, entertainment, and relaxed atmosphere. The locals also describe it as a “village”, because the dress code to tour Amsterdam is simple. From its narrow streets to amazing techno nights, the city reveals many faces to those who are ready to explore the hotspots here. Below are some of the less-crowded places to include in your Amsterdam tour itinerary.

Gs Brunch Boat

Water is the best medium to explore the beauty of the Netherlands. Gs Brunch Boat is a converted coal boat with a stylish interior and sunshine roof, which is an incredible substitute for the regular boat tours. The cover price is a sum of €39.50, which includes the boat trip and à la carte menu. This trip duration is 1 hour and 20 mins, which takes you through the IJ harbor passing through the historical sites in Amsterdam.

Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder

This 17th Century Catholic Church in the heart of Red Light District was constructed in the loft of a merchant’s house during the Protestant Reformation period. The church also has an audio guide, which takes you through the history of the place and tells you how the original owners once lived here. There is a wide range of iconographic arts and beautiful artifacts in the church, and it can be regarded as a marvelous example for the Dutch Golden Age architecture.

Huis Marseille

This 17th Century building exhibits a contrasting photography gallery. The beautiful works of Dana Lixenberg and Jamie Hawkesworth can be seen here. It also shows off many challenging themes ranging from personal to the political themes. This museum also has an ornamental garden, which helps you escape the rush of the city life.

Restaurant De Struisvogel

This restaurant has a chocolate box shape with charmingly lit bridges, and offers you amazing dining experience at a reasonable price. The three-course set menu is available at a rate of €28.50, which includes a variety of dishes that could light up your taste buds. Since there are limited seats here, make sure that you book a table before heading to the restaurant.


Pllek is a beach bar come music venue, which gives you an eclectic performance with live music, dance, yoga, and film, as well as all-day food. It is located in Neveritaweg, located about half an hour away from the Amsterdam Centraal Station.

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