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Boating is one of the quintessentially Dutch pastimes; a prime reason for this is that the country has several lakes and rivers that are ideal for boating, while allowing people to enjoy sightseeing the landscapes or sceneries along the way. So, to fit in like a local, rent a boat and try the pastime in any of these locations when on private day tours Amsterdam.

River Vecht

The landscapes along the southern flanks of this river are marked by estates and houses of rich merchants, and fortified areas and castles, tracing back to Dutch Golden Age. While passing through the countryside on a boat, you could also see brick houses, farmlands, and a few windmills. It is also common for people to take a stop to have refreshments in any of the caf├ęs or eateries en route, and continue the boat trip all the way up to Muiden situated on the northern flanks of Vecht.

Amstel River

The southern side of Amsterdam has countryside with rustic scenery, which is best explored boating down the River Amstel. You could rent a boat from rentals in Uithoorn in North Holland and journey further south. This gives you an opportunity to soak in the picturesque countryside, with grasslands, wildflowers, and even stop off in Dutch villages that have been a part of the Netherlands since the 12th Century. Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is one such village, which offers scenic landscapes for boaters.

Leisure Lakes nearby Amsterdam

The lakes just south of the Dutch capital city, which are connected by canals, rivers, and channels, further make Amsterdam perfect for a scenic boat trip. Boaters, who have prior experience, love navigating the small channels amidst the islands of Westeinderplassen. On the other hand, Loosdrechtse Plassen lakes are ideal for waterskiing and speedboat trips, even for newbies. So, whether to rent a canoe, sailing boat, or even a motorboat is up to the sightseers.

Spaarne River along Haarlem

If you want an urban boat trip, explore the river that passes through Haarlem city. Once it used to contribute to the economy of the Netherlands, but now it is more peaceful with more people taking to its waters on a boat or a cruiser. There are many companies in the area, which you can contact for renting the necessary equipment, and enjoy the serene waters to end your tour Amsterdam program on a high note.

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