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Amsterdam has many canals that run through it like veins through a body. It is also blessed with large open sea at its west coast. These two things make the Dutch essentially water people, which means seafood is a major part of their culture. Following are the places to get the best seafood while in Amsterdam.

Frens Haringhandel

The Frens Haringhandel restaurant is located at Koningsplein in Amsterdam. The kitchen there has about 30 years of experience serving tasty seafood to locals and tourists. At this joint, you get to taste many kinds of fresh fishes prepared in as many number of ways. They also price the items at reasonable rates, making it a good place to grab snacks and lunch.

Café-Restaurant Stork

This beautiful seafood restaurant is located near the banks of the river IJ, where you could can catch a beautiful view of Amsterdam’s central Docklands from the terrace. Most of the food served here draws inspiration from the European and North-American styles of cooking. The restaurant serves five kinds of oysters as well as various snacks. Other dishes served in this beautiful restaurant include delicious snow crab legs, served together with lemon mayonnaise, and oven-baked seawolf served alongside with buttermilk mashed potatoes.

John Dory

John Dory is a luxurious seafood restaurant located in the south of Amsterdam. They use an innovative cooking style here which they call ‘Fishtronomy’, which is a technique for preparing well-balanced dishes from the locally-sourced fish in a meticulous manner. This awesome restaurant also changes its eight-course dinner menu every night. They also have a good collection of imported wines.

The Seafood Bar

The Seafood Bar was found by Fons de Visscher in 2012. He was working as a fishmonger for about 30 years before opening this restaurant. The place serves fresh seafood, amazing cocktails, and best-quality wines. The menu here mostly features seafood items prepared in the European style, which includes many popular dishes like whole lobsters, half-shell oysters and many more. In addition, they also run a place called The Seafood Shop, where you would get Dutch seafood items like deep-fried kibbeling or soused herring, which can be chosen as take-out meals.

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