Some Activities to Do When on a Summer Visit to Amsterdam City

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Amsterdam is rife with tourist activities all year, especially during the summer months, from June to September. Over 300 Dutch festivals unfold in and around the city capital, and most of the festivals take place during summer. If you plan to tour Amsterdam anytime soon, a line of Dutch festivals awaits you, including those related to food, music, and films, among other things.

The festival scene of the city covers multiple genres and meets the tastes of a multicultural audience, which even includes festivalgoers from all over the world. Below are 3 of the best activities to do when on a summer visit to Amsterdam city.


While some of the rules in foreign countries with regards to public barbecuing tend to be a touch hazy, it is permissible to light up a barbecue in some of the Amsterdam parks with set conditions. In some parks, you may need to get prior permissions for that from district authorities, yet note that barbecuing has ceased to become permissible in the recent past in some parks.

For instance, Vondelpark prohibits barbecuing as of now, Oosterpark and Westerpark offer two alternative places for that. Still, it is always best to ask a native or the park authority to get a clear picture of the urban parks in Amsterdam that allow cooking with BBQ grills in open areas.

Film Festivals

Select organizations in Amsterdam stage film festivals outdoors starting in July and usually until September. A classic example of an open-air film fest in Amsterdam is Pluk de Nacht, which shows indigenous films to the public at night and against scenic backdrops.

Some cinema fests in the Dutch capital even unfold on the rooftop, such as the ‘On the Roof Film Festival’, set to commence in September first week this year on top of Amsterdam’s VU University building.

Beach Fun

The Dutch beaches may not occur to one as the first place to spend timeouts with family, but take a day tour in Amsterdam City’s outskirt municipalities such as Bloemendaal and Zandvoort and spend time in the seaside resorts there and that perception may change. Nothing can refresh the mind and soul like taking a sunbath along sandy formations and playing water sports along a beachside during the summertime.

Note that summer is also that time of the year when the city pays tribute to the rights of the LGBT community with the Amsterdam Gay Pride festival that unfolds over the course of a week from the far end of July to August first week.

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