Romantic Ideas for Celebrating your Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is known for its enchanting charisma and scenic ambiance. No wonder, the city is regarded as one of the most popular travel destinations for couples. That said, Valentine’s Day is right round the corner and most couples will be looking forward to unique ideas in order to spend the most romantic day of the year together. What will be a better option than the Dutch capital for this? In fact, the picturesque canals, characteristic houses, and the beautiful tulip blooms, etc., in this historic city are sure to create the perfect setting for your romantic getaway.

Below are some of the romantic activities that you may consider when you tour Amsterdam this Valentine’s Day.

The First Kiss

The first kiss will always be special and you can make it even more special and romantic by kissing your better half under the the Magere Brug Bridge. Also known as the Amsterdam kissing bridge, this small bridge is build across the Amstel River. It is believed that if you kiss your significant other under this bridge, your love will become eternal. Hence, this bridge is one of the hottest proposal spots in the city as well. The spectacular light setting on the bridge and the scenic river will surely add to the overall romantic quotient.

A Horse Carriage Ride

Almost every girl would have dreamt of going on a romantic horse carriage ride with her better half like the princesses in the fairytale stories. You can make her dream come true by actually taking her for a horse carriage ride through the Amsterdam city. In fact, this is one of the best romantic ways to explore the cityscapes.

Even though the horse-drawn carriages were a common mode of transportation during the Golden era, it is not the same these days. Thankfully, there are some organizations, which offer this service in order to conserve an important piece of history. You can either hire a horse-drawn carriage in order to explore different landmarks of the city or just use it as a cab service.

Buy a Diamond Ring for Her

Amsterdam is also known as the city of diamonds, and hence, you cannot wrap up your Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam without purchasing a dazzling rock for your life partner. There are many ancient diamond factories in the city that you may consider for this. Most of these factories offer a guided tour too, in which you can see the entire process of making a brilliant gemstone out of the rough. Plus, you can expect some great diamond ring deals during the month of February.

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