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Heineken is one of the best beers in the world. For many, a mug of it is the closest they can get to feeling at home while traveling. If you were in a city as grand as Amsterdam, and fancied doing some barhopping, said activity would not be complete without a visit to some of the places where Heineken forms the main theme. The brand did originate in this city, after all.

Heineken Experience

Amsterdam has plenty of places to visit and things to do. For the best bar experience, you should definitely head over to Heineken Experience. Originally the site of the brewery (the birthplace of Heineken) which closed in 1988 from all the excessive demand, the Experience carries the tradition forward.

The place has four levels for you to check out, and that includes a viewing of the brew being produced and bottled. Try the Brew U ride, and afterwards, go to the brew room where the brewing happens in copper vats. Finish the tour, and you get a free glass of beer. This is self-guided, so take your time and enjoy yourself.

The World Bar

This comfortable bar lets you enjoy some of the best draft beers in the city, while looking at pictures of some of the best panoramas you will lay eyes on. Every table has an interactive map, which is fun to use. Just make sure to head there early, because the place fills up fairly quickly. Feel free to ask the bartenders for anything you need, or information regarding what they serve. They even have a gift shop you can hit for souvenirs, including t-shirts and shot glasses.

The World of Heineken

This is another great spot celebrating Heineken beer, which gives customers interactive movie viewings of the brewing process. From atop the Bitexco Financial Tower, this place offers 360-degree views of Amsterdam.

The Intersection

This is a corporate bar, which has been here since 2010. They have seven different draft beers available on tap, all from Heineken. Some of the brands come from even Central and South America. Enjoy your drink while watching the game, or play some foosball if that is what you are in the mood for.

These are some of the place, which you really should include in your private Amsterdam walking tours. The experience would surely be something to boast about after getting home.

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