Highlights of the Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

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Hemp Museum In Amsterdam

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam is one of the oldest and important museums in the world that is dedicated to Cannabis Sativa L, commonly called as marijuana or hemp. The museum exhibits and manages a large and unique collection that covers all the aspects of cannabis, promotes scientific research, and acts as a big knowledge center.

Highlights from the Collection

The collection in the museum has more than 12,000 items that are related to Cannabis. From consumption to cultivation, and from modern medicine to ancient rituals, all the aspects of cannabis in human culture are represented in the museum.

The museum was started in 1985, and the collections in the museum have grown steadily since then. Currently, the museum exhibits many modern and historic objects that relates to the history of hemp; past, present, and future of medicinal marijuana; cultural and spiritual aspects of cannabis plant; and the prohibition of marijuana.

Many new sections were added that relates to hash and marijuana, medicine, industrial hemp, and popular marijuana. Many multimedia exhibits were added that features short films relating to the historical, political, and industrial aspects of the plant.

If you visit the hemp museum in your private day tours Amsterdam, you can enjoy old and unique master paintings by renowned artists like Rembrandt, botanical prints that depict industrial hemp and marijuana, pipes and bongs from different parts of the world, atmospheric images of hash making in different cultures, as well as rare and unique ‘Reefer Madness’ books from the 1950’s. In addition, you can see bottles of 19th century medicinal marijuana bottles, hemp ropes, modern and old textiles, pop culture paraphernalia, bioplastic made from hemp fiber, and many more.

The hemp fiber section in the museum exhibits a surfboard made from Hemp fiber, which was donated by the Dutch chemist Dr. Willem Mulder and there are sections that shows cannabis in cartoon, a portrait of Mr. Nice by musician and painter Goldie.

The status of the museum among cannabis aficionados is as a treasure house of information and this has led to generous donations and loans from many researchers and cannabis lovers from around the world. If you plan to visit the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in your tour Amsterdam package, you need to prepare yourself to be staggered by the scope of the collection in the museum.