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The tulip flower occupies a pivotal role in the Dutch culture and symbolizes the country. Amsterdam is in no shortage of tulips, as the land has several gardens, parks, and open fields dedicated exclusively for growing the flower. Visitors will be surprised while they tour Amsterdam that there exists a private museum showcasing the tulip flower.

Situated near to the Anne Frank House, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum is a remarkable place to visit for discovering the fascination of the Dutch with tulips and its influence on their culture. Besides its exhibitions on tulips and the Dutch culture, the Tulip Museum also sells tulip bulbs from its collection to the visitors.

The Dutch Fascination for Tulips

The Netherlands is one country in Europe known for its affinity towards tulips. In fact, this attachment is so much ingrained in their culture that it has come to symbolize the country and its famed pastoral landscape.

It was during the 16th Century that the tulip was introduced into the Netherlands. The flower quickly gained popularity and has continued ever since. During the 17th Century, there were competitions organized between tulip traders to find out who has the most beautiful bulbs. It was actually a craze for the people to invest in tulip bulbs and create spectacular gardens.

This created a demand for exotic tulip bulbs, the result of which was their exorbitant price increase. This fascination for tulips, or tulip mania, formed a key aspect of Dutch trading and economic interests in those times.

Inside the Amsterdam Tulip Museum

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum was actually established by a Dutch company that traded in tulip bulbs. The museum is small, and therefore, can be easily covered under an hour. Inside are various collections that detail the history of tulip cultivation in the Netherlands. There are also interactive multimedia exhibitions that visitors can access for understanding more about tulips and the Dutch culture.

On the ground floor of the museum is the shop where visitors can purchase different varieties of tulip bulbs. The other exhibits are spread across different floors of the museum and feature the history of tulips and its influence on the Dutch culture. These exhibits are rich in information and surely delight those keen on gardening, botany and the Dutch history.

Entering the Museum

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is open daily from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm. The museum is open on all days with the exception of April 27 and December 25. The entry fee for adults is €5 and €3 for students. There is also a €10 special ticket for entering the museum with family. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is within walking distance from prominent spots in the city such as the Anne Frank House and the Centraal Station.

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