Exploring Amsterdam beyond the Usual Attractions

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Exploring Amsterdam

With hundreds of beautiful places, historically rich museums, and architecturally aesthetic buildings, there is a lot to explore in Amsterdam tours. What’s more, there are a number of places in the city as well, that not many people know about. Given below are a few places in Amsterdam you might not have heard much of, but are surely worth visiting.

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

The Nieuwe Spiegelstraat is a street lined with many antique shops each of which is dedicated to a different mysterious collection. Thom & Lenny Nelis Antiques is a shop that has a collection of dissection kits, medical instruments, apothecary jars, and dental tools. While at Staetshuys Antiquairs, you can see telescopes, globes, telluriums, planetariums, and some scientific and nautical instruments.


Micropia is the place where you can see an ultra-modern collection of microbes and bacteria that live on and among us every day. Here, the Petri dishes are filled with cultures that show the naturally occurring design microbes create. There is even a microbiology lab here, which grows and cares for the microbes, which are on display. Interestingly, the only light in the exhibition is from the displays.

The Torture Museum

At the Torture Museum, you can see the dark history of a time when punishments were very cruel. Some of the old torture instruments include a heretic fork and a mask that depicts punishments for those accused for muttering heresy and for gossipers. The museum also has hanging cages that were used for the worst of criminals, and an inquisition chair for a more interactive torment.

Six Collection

During the Golden Age of the Dutch, collecting art was a fashionable activity. Many famous artists like Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Steen were flourishing during this era and their masterpieces were very much adored. At this time, Jan Six, who was a member of a wealthy family in Amsterdam, brought a collection some valuable work. At their home, you can find some valuable drawing, paintings, and other artifacts.

Amsterdam Oersoep

Amsterdam Oersoep (meaning “primordial sea”) is a Dutch passageway, which has artistic, aquatic-themed makeover that pays tribute to the waterways in the city. The artwork got its makeover from artists Iris Roskam, Hans van Benten and Arno Coenen. The 4840 square foot glass mosaic is filled with the art of Dutch’s iconic waterways and shows a visual narrative of how all the life forms of Earth originated from water.

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