6 Adventurous Things to Do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a city of delightful sights and memorable experiences. There are a number of activities at your disposal in the Dutch capital city; these are ideal for all those who are on private day tours Amsterdam, be it a young enthusiast or a passionate adventurist. Below are 6 adventurous things to do in and around the city.

Try Cycling in Rural Amsterdam

Cycling is easily the most popular outdoor activity in the Netherlands. In fact, there are more cycles in the country than the natives here. In fact, the majority of people use cycles for all commuting purposes. Even the urban areas are paved with beautiful cycling paths, meaning that you can easily tour Amsterdam on wheels and catch all the popular sights here. If you head to the southern part of the city, you can witness stunning visuals of colorful blooms along the famous flower strip.

Go Kayaking along the Canals of Amsterdam

One of the most attractive features of Amsterdam is the endless canal network that surrounds the city. You can navigate through the canal system by renting a kayak and make it an interesting trip of your life. Guided tours are available at the city center, while you can choose to explore the city on your own also. Those seeking secluded locations can head to the urban oasis at Amsterdam Bos.

Put your Skating Shoes on

If you tour Amsterdam in the winter, ice skating in the city should be on top of your itinerary. Once the winter arrives, the canals freeze setting up ideal conditions for ice skating. The popular skating destinations include Jaap Eden Ice Rink where you can access the skating rinks that stay open from October to March.

Roller Skate along the Streets of Amsterdam

Put on your roller skating shoes and gear up. You can glide past the visual delights of the city on wheels for a 20 km adventure through the city every Friday. Known as the Friday Night Skate, people from all parts of Amsterdam come together at Vondelpark to relish in the activity.

Play Paintball and Laser Tag

Get ready for a gunfight at the Laser Tag Arena where you can experience thrilling action of laser tag. Up to 24 people can enter the battlefield and let themselves loose in the colorful bash. You can also go to the Paintball Spaarnwoude for a paintball adventure in the woods.

Hit the Beach and Indulge in Watersports

There is no shortage of beaches around Amsterdam, and each one offers a host of activities for thrill seekers. Sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing are immensely popular here, and you can easily find an Amsterdam tour guide to brush up on your skills.

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