5 Reasons Why Amsterdam is a Popular Tourist Destination

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Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

Tourists fall in love with Amsterdam, especially its canals, bridges, and blocks that connect the Dutch neighborhoods to one another. Look beyond the infamous pop culture references, and you can see plenty of tourist attractions that are a must-visit when you tour Amsterdam. Below are 5 reasons that make Amsterdam a popular tourist destination, aside from the Red Light District, of course.

Amsterdam Has No Linguistic Barriers

Everyone speaks English in the Dutch capital city, so strolling around and enjoying the picturesque neighborhoods in Amsterdam will not be a hassle. What’s more, you can find cuisines from all over the world here, which gives you a homely feel away from home. Still, do not miss out on relishing the local Dutch foods to add to your overall tour Amsterdam experience.

Amsterdam Has Tallest Over the Edge Swing in Europe

If you are a thrill seeker, try having a swing over the edge of A’DAM Tower. You can literally see the cityscapes beneath from a panoramic angle if you aboard this seat suspended off the side of the tower and let people swing back and forth from 100 meters atop.

Amsterdam Has a Catboat Devoted to Cats

De Poezenboot floats on the Dutch canals and serves as a sanctuary for the felines. Among the thousands of houseboats lining the canals of Amsterdam, this one along the canal belt area is the most famous one in the world. In fact, if you are on a canal cruise in Amsterdam on a fine afternoon, make it a point to visit De Poezenboot for an out of the ordinary experience.

Amsterdam Has a Beer Church in Haarlem

This city on the outskirts of Amsterdam is home to Jopenkerk, a former church, which is now renovated and doubles as a café, microbrewery, and restaurant. The medieval city has plenty of cobblestoned streets, towering churches, and canals. This is one of the popular landmarks in the area, which inspired the Harlem neighborhood in New York to be named as that.

Amsterdam Has a Lot of Museums

There is no other public square in the world, which rhymes with the word ‘museum’ and houses a lot of art galleries. There are a handful of museum quarters or districts elsewhere in Europe, but a square might be rare to find. The Museumplein square in Amsterdam is home to Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Stedelijk Museum, forming a triangle of sorts for lovers of fine art. The museum hopping is one of the pastimes of Dutch people, and so will be yours when you tour Amsterdam.

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